Project Categories

1. Education
2. Buildings and Energy
3. Health and Food
4. Waste Management
5. Transportation and Land Use
6. Community Engagement

NOTE - Each project, regardless of category, requires a pre- and post-implementation assessment of impact. To illustrate, all energy related projects will require the gathering of energy usage for the past and future 12 months, setting a baseline from which to compare impacts.

Qualifying Projects

Feel free to download and reference our full list of qualifying projects. The actions in this list include projects that can be used to qualify for certification, as well as proposed new projects that qualify for funding. Note that some projects may belong under multiple categories.

If you don’t see a project listed that you think should be considered, please feel free to reach out to us at and request approval.

Project Kits

The Office of Sustainability has partnered with local organizations to create five project kits. For the school or champion with limited time for research and planning, these kits are intended to simplify the process. We have forged the relationships, gathered the information, produced an estimated budget, and an approximate time frame.

If these projects fit what you’re looking for, feel free to use them - in full or as a reference. We encourage you to do your own research and find a project, organization, and pathway that works for you and your school.


Take a look at our resource spreadsheet, but note that it is not comprehensive. If you come across a great resource or curriculum not listed and would like to share it with other educators, send it to us at! We’d be happy to add it to our growing list and crowdsource knowledge of local resources.